Conversation with Vivienne Leheny. New York based voice over actor of many kinds!

Conversation with Eric Buarque, stand-in & photo-double for actor Bruce Willis.

Conversation with former Motown recording artist Charlene Oliver, discussing her mega hit song; 'I've Never Been to Me', and her roller coaster life i...View Details

Conversation with Mike Bullard, one of Canada's top comedians, TV late night talk show host, and talk radio show host. Currently hosting, Sauga 960 AM...View Details

Conversation with Maribeth Derry, a songwriter of pop, soul, gospel, stage musicals & recipient of two Emmy awards. We Discuss the biz from a fema...View Details

Conversation with Alys Murray, a young Novelist & Playwright coming into the spotlight with her first book; The Christmas Company. A New Orleans n...View Details

Conversation with Jason Blicker, who is an actor across both borders, and a martial arts expert in the nicest ways.

Conversation with Vincent Wolfe, who is a Canadian singer specializing in Big Band, Jazz & Cabaret music with a Mel Torme ambiance.

Conversation with Classical Guitarist and Musical Composer Spiros Exaras, one of Greece's finest exports mastering Greek classics, Jazz, and film scor...View Details

Conversation with Hollywood hair stylist Mary Mastro, who's worked with personal clients such as Michael Keaton, Renee Zellweger, Chris Pratt, among o...View Details

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